Friday, April 1, 2011

April Fools Day fun

It's April 1. April Fools Day. I've known it was coming, and I started scheming, but then Ben went out of town (all the way to Nashville) for a training of some sort and I completely forgot what today was. ...and I got GOT! Joshua didn't forget. He taped the sprayer nozzle down. So when I went to the sink this morning with a pot in one hand and the other on the faucet, I was soaked before I really even realized what was happening. Well, me and the floor! I untaped the handle and filled the pot with water for cream of wheat. When breakfast was done, Josh asked if he could put color in Michael's breakfast. (I had changed clothes by that time and was a little happier than I had been when I was wearing all that water) I ok'd it and he put a drop or two of food coloring under the spoon. Then we put sugar on top and poured the milk. When Michael stirred up his breakfast, it turned green. We all had a nice giggle and then William started screaming. I reached for the food coloring thinking he wanted green breakfast too, but instead, I discovered that Josh had done the same thing to Will's bowl and William DID NOT want green cereal. I didn't even see Josh do that! So I scolded him lightly, reached for my bowl to share with William in hopes of settling him down only to find that MY bowl had fallen victim as well! That boy was busy!! Unfortunately, I wasn't smiling by that point, feeling like I had to dump breakfast and start over so William would settle down. I was still feeling annoyed when Josh left for school. But I had all day to think about my actions and finally concluded that I do love Joshua's sense of humor. It's alot like my dad's in fact. I don't want to squelch the 'tease' in him. But I'm not about to be outdone by a 10 year old.
This is what Joshua is getting for dinner.

Sure, looks innocent enough. But it's not. I made meatloaf (something my kids love) in muffin cups. I took the cooked meatloaf out of the cups and put them in foil cupcake liners. Then I whipped up some yummy mashed potatoes and blended in some beets to turn them pink. I piped them onto the meatloaf with an open star tip (frosting decorating gear) I sprinkled some 'sprinkles' made with cooked rice and food coloring. They almost look yummy.
Oh, and I don't have picture, but I also filled everyones cup with Jello--looks like juice, but doesn't spill! Perhaps I'll be better prepared next year.