Saturday, December 20, 2008

Christmas in Kansas....

Ben surprised us when he came home from work. He says he managed to get some time off work, that he doesn't have to go in the rest of the year! So, with him freed up, we're taking an impromptu trip to Kansas for Christmas. My brother Ben and his wife Angie and their kids came to our house for Thanksgiving. Now we're taking our turn to join them. We'll only be able to spend a week ('cause I can't be gone on Sunday) but we're looking forward to spending time with family again! Thanks, Ben and Angie, for being such wonderful people! And for giving our kids a chance to get to know some of their cousins. You are the best!

Thursday, December 11, 2008


I need some help from you--my blog readers. I want to add a video of William and his wobbly steps. I don't know how to stick it on my blog. I can capture the video on my camera. (I love digital cameras these days!!) and I view my pics with Picasa. I just can't get them to post (like when I up load pics--but then I"m not too computer savvy either.)
Got any suggestions or tutorials?
THANKS!! in advance.

a new blog...

Ok, so I've seen a few of these poppin' up on some of the blogs I've been visiting. I thought it was a great idea for collecting and being able to locate recipes. It's also an easy way to share recipes. So (with all this free time I don't have!) I've created a new blog--a recipe blog. I hope to add a couple of recipes each day until my collection is complete.
Check it out and tell me what you think.

Also, if you want to share a recipe with me, Please! DO IT! I love getting recipes from other people!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

look what William can do now...

In case you can't see, he's not leaning on Ben. I even caught him later in the's become a regular thing! And today, he's even started taking steps (2-3, but steps none the less. Yikes!!!)

Happy baby, sad baby

pics aren't the best quality, but you can still get the idea...
guess he liked our photo session.

Photo op

Just a pic I found of William.
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