Saturday, October 25, 2008

Joshua's baptism

It takes me forever to get pics up, so I'm just making a new post. Here is Joshua Steven Loveland on his baptism day, with his dad, Ben, who baptized him.
Two down....
Does anyone else see how fast their babies are growing up?
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It's great to be 8

Happy Birthday, Joshua!!! Today is Josh's 8th birthday. We've scheduled his baptism for later this afternoon, I'll post pics then. But until then, he seems to be enjoying the day-getting his way on everything!
(spoiled kid)

Happy Birthday

Today is a special day in our family. My nephew, Luke was born on this day...and so was my son Joshua.
So HAPPY BIRTHDAY boys! I hope you have the best of days.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Michael went on a field trip to a local pumkin farm. There was a petting zoo and a corn maze activity along with picking out their own pumpkin to take home. We happen to pass this farm on our way to church (which is where we were headed tonight for Scouts). I hear Joshua say he wants to go to the pumpkin farm for his birthday and Michael tells him there is a corn maze too! Then Mick explained that there's a secret entrance into the corn maze but he didn't get to use it because he had to stay with his 'sheriff'. Andrew pipes in, "you mean your chaparone?" "Yep," says Michael, "My shaf-ron". I guess only in Illinois, in a corn maze, that a sherrif becomes a shaf-ron. Who-da thunk?

Monday, October 20, 2008


I'm in the mood to listen to some piano music. Please bear with me until I get my fix.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


The state of Illinois requires an eye exam for all Kindergarteners. We took it as an opportunity for us all to get our eye exams current. Micheal passed with flying colors!!! I guess he's got the best eyesight in our family now!
Joshua got glasses and Andrew got a stronger Rx for his glasses.
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Joshua didn't get past the eye exam without a simple addition. So this is how he'll apprear for a while now.
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Andrew's in his new glasses
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Friday, October 10, 2008


Today has been the most wonderful day! In fact, the only time I can remember enjoying this day as much was when I turned 20. A friend of mine took me for a drive up Ogden Canyon, thru Ogden Valley, then back home by way of Weber Canyon--all with the top down on her convertible, the cool fall air ripping our hair around and the red and orange leaves planting all sorts of colorful memories. (...years later, in my old age, I still remember) Anyway, today ranked right up there on the good memories scale. Of course there were several phone calls from friends and family, my friend Amy came and spent some time with me in the morning, then an angel friend Sarah took William while Ben and I went to lunch. We went to this place called Branmore's-It's an american grill type place. Out of character for me, I ordered a steak (usually, I prefer chicken. Don't know what got into me, but it was SO good, that I admit I'll probably order it again when we go back--you know we'll be going back!) We had a wonderful afternoon together! Then I got to spend the evening with my kids. I made myself a yummy spinach and tomato pizza with a sort of alfredo-ish sauce and intentially left out the birthday cake. Ben, (one not to leave well enough alone) disappeared just before dinner and returned with a box of Zingers. He told me that since I hadn't made a cake, that he'd had to take matter into his own hands! So I got to enjoy chocolate Zingers. (chocolate is his thing! the only things I like chocolate are brownies and swiss chocolate candies. I prefer white and vanilla desserts) He also creatively fit enough candles on them to represent my age (yeah, so it took two...Someday you'll be that old too...) I don't keep track of my age-I leave that to him!! As far as I know, I'm 29!
At any rate, from morning to night it was a wonderful day!!
And last but not least, Here is a thank you to each of you who called, sent a card, or even thought about me on this special day. Also, (you'd think I could remember it, but still didn't DO it) a very special Happy Birthday wish to those in my family who share this day with me: Keola Ho, Sarah Stanworth, Camille Crabtree.
Happy Birthday to me...

Tuesday, October 7, 2008 you love it or curse it?

How long can you go without internet? I know there are a few people who read my blog, and perhaps you've noticed that I haven't posted anything for awhile...(ok, so I do that often and it's only been a week. It's nothing new now.) We had a wonderful time with Ben's parents! And when they left, suddenly we had problems with our internet. It wasn't their fault! Just happened to coinside with AT&T upgrading their servers, then suddenly our dsl modem wouldn't work. I survived more than a week without internet while we were waiting for a new modem! I've missed you all, missed checking your blogs, missed seeing your comments, missed telling you silly little things but mostly, I miss cable internet! Unfortunately, it's not available where we can that be?
Anyway, now I'm playing catch up mostly with my overloaded email inbox, but as I catch up, I'll be posting again with pictures of some of the fun we had with G&G Loveland.
I'm back...