Thursday, December 24, 2009

Ultrasound results....are you ready?

So when Ben got home from work this morning,I hauled him off with me to the get an ultrasound. And the results you've been waiting for?....Well, that depends on if you're ready to hear or not!
Here's what we learned. The baby is measuring to be closer to 37 weeks than the 36 I was judging. That's kinda good news. The other part of that is the tech estimates the baby to be just shy of 7 lbs now--and still has time to grow more. Boy, can you tell I'm looking forward to delivering another 10 lb baby! And the other exciting news? As of today, the baby is presenting breech--as in bum first. Not sure how I like that news. I don't know why I'm so scared of a C-section, but I'd rather deliver a 10 lb baby naturally! We'll see what's the option when I see the Doctor on Monday.
And of course, I'm certain that you all want to know if it's a Pink or a Blue future? Well, how do I break the news gently.....Um....The truth is ....We still don't know. Silly little baby! It's not a matter of not seeing, it a matter of not being able to see because the umbilical cord is still running between the legs. This baby is a good secret keeper! Even better than me! So, now you know as much as we know. Hope you're not terribly disappointed. And if you are, you'll have to get over it. (that's what Ben tells me, anyway.)
Merry Christmas...And God Bless Everyone.

Friday, December 18, 2009

A mother's influence...

(just a note for non-mothers or moms of children who are no longer toddlers and don't remember---You can not be in the bathroom/shower with out company if you have a toddler)
So I shaved my legs in the shower this morning (yes! I can still reach to shave! Yeah!) After I was done, I was standing in front of the mirror to complete my face ritual when William parked his can beside me. He rummaged around in "Dad's drawer" before coming up with a razor (yeah, Ben does have them--even if he doesn't use them....) then I watched him methodically raise his leg, lift his pant leg and proceed to 'shave' his little leg. (thankfully, it still had the cover on the blade) I couldn't help but laugh! Apparently, someone was watching me when I wasn't aware. And apparently, Mom's do have a strong influence on their children--even little boys.
Shhh, don't tell. Someday he'll grow up and be embarrassed that I caught him 'shaving'. But I'm his mother, and it's my prerogative to share, at least for now.