Friday, May 30, 2008

Sunshine...on a cloudy day...

Well, I can hope for sunshine anyway. The weather here...We started out sunny and muggy but I had to get out anyway. I just didn't see the rain coming. While we were in Walmart, the clouds rolled in and opened up. Now it's just a trickle kind of rain and not SO muggy. It makes the air feel clean and the grass look extra green. Have I mentioned I like it green?!

Monday, May 26, 2008

things about me...lV

10. If you could change your name, what would you change it to and why?

Really? I've never thought about changing my name. Well, in High School and for a few years beyond, I wasn't particularly keen on Charlotte--it seemed 'old lady-ish' to me. So I went by Charly. I don't know what I would call myself if I could choose another name.
Since I'm an 'old lady' now, I don't mind Charlotte!

11. What was your worst date ever? What was your best date?

Worst Date: Prom my Jr year. I don't even want to revisit the horror of who or what. 'nuff said.
Best Date: I'd probably start with First Night on Temple Square when I was engaged to Ben. It was just a wonderfu time!

12. What is something(s) you've learned in the past 6 months-1 year that has really made an impact on your life?

Hmmm. It might be hard to fit all that wisdom and knowledge into a paragraph, but I'll try. First of all, I don't control my life --today or tomorrow. I may make choices believing that I can direct the consequences. But miracles happen and blessings are sent--even if takes some time to recieve them.I'm so VERY grateful for a little blessing we call William. I'm also thankful for the blessing of being here in Chicago. It's amazing to me that I thought we finally had a plan for what and when we were going to do something with our future. And we planned and did what we felt was right, only to see that we were prepared for what Heavenly Father wanted to bless us with instead and that came at just the right time and in just the right way. He is the one in the driver's seat.

13. Is there something(s) you've always wanted to do/accomplish in your life and it just hasn't happened yet?

I had to think on that one for awhile, but I finally came up with something. Since it's been a goal for so long, and it's not been accomplished yet, I almost forget about it. But it's also a challenge I face every day....(got ya wondering, don't I...) Some day, I'm going to have a clean house. Laundry will be done and put away, the floor will be swept, the bathrooms won't smell like I live in a house of boys, the dishwasher will be cleared out, and the sink will be shiney! And when that day comes, you are all invited to my funeral.

14. Besides family, what really makes you happy and/or laugh?

I truly enjoy quilting, and stampin', as these things make me smile. But spending time with my older sisters (yah, I know-it's family) is what brings out the laughter (some may even argue it's more of a cackle). My sisters are such great story tellers of 'the way it was when I was a kid...'.
15. What was the best day(s) of your life?
I think I'll start with the day Ben proposed. I knew that I really liked the kid, and it seemed he kinda liked me back, but I really didn't know that it went that deep. It may sound trivial, but that was the day my testimony of eternal marriage began. I am so thankful that we were able to be married and sealed for eternity. He is a wonderful guy!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Wahoo...look what I can do...

I grabbed the camera 'cause I wanted to share some of William's accomplishments.
1-First of all, here's an idea of how big he is...3 months old, almost 16 lbs., wearing 6-9 month clothes...and naked in the bathtub.

2-His neck and back are also getting so strong. He is a tummy sleeper, so he doesn't spend alot of play time on his belly (we keep that reserved for 'it's time to sleep' time)But still he has managed to accomplish lifting his head to check things out!

3-And just so you can see what a handsome little guy he's becoming...

things about me ...part lll

7. What phrases do you say every day that are unique to your personality?

Stinkin' Cheese Man! That's thanks to my friend Lori, and a book by John Scieszka called The Stinky Cheese Man and other Fairly Stupid Tales.

8. What do you think heaven is like?

Since I really don't know, I'll tell you what I imagine it will be like. I imagine the scenery to be close by Grand Teton National Park at sunrise or sunset. To me, that is heaven on earth. I do believe, though, that all the happiness we could ever have on earth, we will have that an more surrounding us in Heaven.

9. How would you like everyone to remember you after you're gone?

(Sarcasticly) I'd just like to be remembered. Ok, so no high expectations, but I'd like to be remembered as more than just a mother of all boys. Maybe a mother of great boys! Would that be too much of a stretch? :)

*****I'm not fishing for just sounds like that!******

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

things about me...part ll

4. Did you ever get in really bad trouble? With the police? (juicy details, please!)

Hmm, I've had to think on that one for awhile. And honestly, I can't think of any thing more that a visit to the principals office. And even then, it was only twice--once in 7th grade for cussing at a boy who was teasing me, and then once in HS, but I don't remember the reason for that visit. I was a sophmore then.

5. What qualities do you admire in your parents? What do you love about them?
Do you think you inherited those?

My mom is an awesome teacher. She was a teacher for a couple of generations, actually. And had many parents who had been taught by her, requesting her to teach their children. Now that I'm a parent and understand that not all teachers make such an impact, I'm even more impressed by the things she accomplished in her classrooms (and in our home too). Nobody is perfect. I see faults in her, but as far as her profession, I can't think of anyone who has done better. Sometimes I think I have a bit of her talent, but other times I wonder. I didn't inherit her love of books, but I did learn the value of reading and enjoy reading to my children.
Then there is my dad. In my mind, he was a very patient man--that is unless he's dealing with his cows. He had a short fuse when it came to dealing with animals. But the quality I admire the most in him is his love of the scriptures. Countless times I remember finding him sitting in his chair or at the table with his scriptures open and a red pencil in his hand. He loved to read the scriptures and share what he learned with his family. He loved good music, folk music in particular reminds me of him. And mandolins. He taught himself to play a mandolin. I do have a love of the scriptures and of the Book of Mormon in particular. But I think that is something I got from both of my parents, not just my dad.

6. If you could be someone else for a day, who would it be and why?

Marjorie Pay Hinckley. She is my hero. She was always so kind and patient.
It boggles my mind how she could be that way all the time. I wonder how she did it. How did she have the patience with kids when Pres. Hinckley was away, how did they never once quarrel in their whole married lives? I've already goofed that one up. How did she teach her kids to be so strong in the gospel? She would always hurry and tidy up the house and make sure her hair was in place and her dress smoothed out before Pres. Hinckley would walk in the door from work. I still can't get that one to work out. I just wonder what her life was like and what she thought about and how she could be so incredibly Christlike.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


I was tagged either just before William was born or right after. I'm finally getting around to posting. (no hurry here...)
The whole thing was just toooooo long. So here's a portion. Check back in the coming days for 'the rest of the story.'

1. How did you and your spouse meet and how long have you been married?

My oldest sister, Ruth, introduced us. (Ben is her nephew. His dad and my brother-in-law married to Ruth are brothers. Completely legal, just a little strange to think about.) We met during a time when we were both preparing to serve a mission. (embarrassing to admit, but I didn't realize he was as young as he was until after we were both on missions.) Anyway, since I left first, and realized the value of mail in the MTC, I made sure he had one letter when he got there. He wrote me back and we kept each others mailbox from being too empty while he served in Germany and I in Florida--that is until I came home. Unfortunately, I forgot to keep those letters coming once I started trying to keep up with post mission life. But miracles happen and I happened to be visiting my sister, Ruth, in Wyoming just weeks after Ben came home from Germany. With me being there only for the weekend, she invited Ben to come over after church 'for dessert'. We sat down and started talking, mostly about mission stuff, exchanging stories and things like that. Somehow, more than 12 hours passed and we were still enjoying the conversation. We exchanged addresses and phone numbers and parted, he to his home and then to Powell for school and me off to Provo. That was in Aug 1996. I had a school break in October and took a long trip back to Burlington to see Ben. Same thing happened--sticking around all day and staying up all night talking! I knew (we knew) then that there was something more. We talked often over the phone, thru snail-mail and email. He came to visit me in November and proposed. We were married in January 1997 in the Salt Lake Temple and settled in Ogden for school at WSU.

2. What is one or more of your favorite childhood memories?

So many to choose from, but I think the one that takes the cake would be a Christmas memory, probably soon after we moved from Burlington WY to Driggs ID. As I recall, on Christmas Eve (or shortly before) there was a miserable storm that dumped a ton of snow. When we (kids) woke up on Christmas morning, there was nothing under the tree. Instead, we found a note on the table from Santa, along with a glass of 'reindeer milk' (aka eggnogg). Each note was a little different, but the jist of it was that Santa had been running a little late, and with all the snow, he wasn't able to land his sleigh, so he had just pushed out presents out of the sleigh and we could find them in ______ place. So we actually had to get dressed and go outside to find our presents. Some were hidden in the barn, others in the shed. Mine were near the firepit. I got an ever-coveted umbrella and a book of fairy tales. If there were more, I'm sorry I don't remember. Those were the things that impacted me. I still have that book of fairy tales that I read to my kids (even though they're boys, and they like them in a different way, we still enjoy reading them).
Other memories that would take a very close second would be of Thanksgiving. My oldest sister, Ruth, and her family would always come for Thanksgiving. She would bring the bird, and my mom would make the stuffing and lime (green) jello with cottage cheese and walnuts in it. So while these wonderful women were slaving away in the kitchen, us kids (me, my little brother Ben, and little sister Maren, and niece and nephews Lori, Billy, Tommy, maybe Shane and David too) would disappear out into the cold and snow and stay there until it was time to eat. By that time, of course we were frozen to the core! But there was an unwritten law, it seemed, about going inside to thaw before lunch--It just couldn't be done!!! We would slide down the roof of the woodshed (someone would always seem to catch a nail or three), jump off the barn roof into the 6-8 foot snowbank and see who would go the deepest. We'd take innertubes and sleds and hike 'up the hill' and race to see who could go the farthest on fresh snow and blazed trails. Then race back 'up the hill' to do it again. Just the thought of it now wears me out!! When it was time to come and eat (and thaw out!) we'd go inside, hang our snowclothes and boots all around the woodburning stove so they could dry while we were eating. Then after lunch, we'd re-dress and hit the snow again until it was too dark to be outside. (Thankfully for the parents, we were far enough north, and up against the west mountains enough that the real dark came by 4:30 or 5:00pm ) I think kids having fun just really don't feel the cold!

3. Most everyone had a crush on someone growing up, did you? Tell me about it.

Probably the biggest and longest crush I had was thru most of elementary and into jr high school. It bothers me now, to think about it because he became such a jerk! His name was Brandon Byington. I met him when I was in 3rd grade and started at Tetonia Elementary. I had that crush on him until 8th grade! Then he became such a jerk (maybe that's typical of boys that age, but he never grew out of it!) I knew him all thru High School too, but never had any interest in him after 8th grade.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

time flies...

You know it's time to post again when...your last post is almost a month old...your friends email you and ask what's new...or leave a message on a post that's almost a month old...
I guess it's time for a new post.
So in overview, Michael turned 5. FIVE. It seems like I only remember about 1/2 of those years! But I'm grateful for every day. Wish I could post some highlight pics of his 5 year old life, but unfortunately most of the pictures of his short life were on my computer...and there was a VISTA collision...and my pictures (and the rest of my life) lost!!! Don't forget to back up your computers, and do it today.
Ben had a birthday too...he turned 33. He was born on Mother's Day in 1975. So every few years, we get to celebrate the day together. This year was one of those years. And William turned 3 months old too! So you'd think we would have done something amazing...but to show you how well you know me, I'll say we just enjoyed family time together with chocolate cake (Ben's favorite) and laughter (my favorite) and a nap (William's favorite)
We are thoroughly enjoying spring here in Illinois. Just over night, everything turned so green! And the weather has become pretty warm (well, still a little cool in the mornings, but some days are down right hot. I love it!)
And we still miss our friends and family who we left behind in UT, but are ever so grateful for the new friends and ward family who we've met in the past few months.
Hugs to you all