Sunday, January 27, 2008

News?...Not yet

I guess it's time for another post. I was hoping to have something new to say, maybe even some pictures to share. Unfortunately, all that I can say for now is we are still a family of 5. But the days are drawing to an end. I'm excited and feeling nervous all at the same time. My next Dr appt is Feb 1, and I hope to find out that my body is doing SOMETHING to get ready to release this sweet critter! Meanwhile, Ben and I had fun watching my belly 'morph' tonight. The baby hasn't been extremely active for several days--he's still moving, just not as much or as often as he did even a week ago. But tonight, after dinner, he must have really enjoyed (or maybe really disliked) what we had to eat because he was squirming like there was no tomorrow. (Actually, it reminded me of myself trying to find a comfortable sleeping position at night!) Anyway, all the movement gave some odd shapes to my round but often lop-sided belly. We both mentioned how we are enjoying this shape, and won't miss it too much when it's gone. But since it's such a wonderful blessing to have--one that we didn't plan to see again, it has been fun to 'love' it.
Meanwhile, Andrew, Joshua, and Michael are also patiently waiting for their newest little brother to show himself. I was watching a friend's little girl a couple of days ago, and Michael was so much fun to observe! He kept bringing her toys, or prompting her to come join him with his trains (she's barely 1 yr old). He played so patiently with her, and really seemed to enjoy having some new company. I think he'll be a wonderful big brother. He likes to sit beside me and lay his head on my belly while we read a book. Of course, every once in a while, he'll get a nudge from the inside and look up to me and say "Is that the baby?" It just makes me smile. Maybe tomorrow I can put up some fresh pics of us (mostly of the kids.)

Sunday, January 6, 2008

an overheard conversation

Says Joshua to his little brother Michael, "Do you know what artifacts are?" (Dad is playing Mario-something, or Something-Mario and there are artifacts... and the boys are watching him play) Michael's reply, "No, what are they?" Joshua responded, "I don't know either, but they are in Egypt. It's like something that someone used to have."
Hmmm, Yeah, that pretty well describes it.
I thought it was funny anyway.