Thursday, November 27, 2008


Hopefully you haven't noticed that it's taken TOO long to post our events of Thanksgiving, but if you have, I hope it's because you know me!
We were blessed to have my little brother Ben and his wonderful wife Angie and their kids come spend the week with us. We had a blast!!!
(Jill and Maddi, I finally understand...) Cameryn, my niece, was sweet enough to let me join her and her mom for a girls day out at the American Girl store down town. (we spent most of the day) Oh the dream world that place is!!!!! Maybe it's good that I don't have a little girl....
Thank you, Cam and Angie.
We also spent a full day a the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry to give the boys a good fix. I tell you, that is becoming one of my favorite places in Chicago. It's easy to get to (just wish we could take the train) and so much to see and do!
Then of course there was T-day.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

William is 9 months old

Can you believe how fast these days are flying?!?! We had William's 9 month check today. Can I just plug some praise for the Pediatrician we have here...He is so wonderful!!!! (Thanks Karen, for referring us!) Dr Russell is with DuPage Medical Group, but has a private practice (he's the only Pedi in the office). When I schedule an appt, I don't have to wonder who we'll see--it's always Dr Russell! And he's so thorough with everything. In fact, at the end of William's exam, he jokingly said,"And would you like me to rotate your tires today too?". Sometimes it feels like he's doing everything else, so why not?
Ok, so back to William... He's right on target or ahead for his age. His biggest thing is cruising-EVERYWHERE...couches, chairs, tables, stairs, and if it moves (like a laundry basket, garbage can, chair or push-toy) I can guarantee it will be under my feet in seconds! He pushes what ever he can across the room and he's so fast doing it. I have found him standing on his own several times too, but it's usually when he's standing next to the couch or something and get his hands on a toy, then he lets go of the couch or chair so he can handle the toy with both hands. He just forgets to sit down to handle it. He loves to play pat-a-cake, and he love peek-a-boo. He does NOT like his crib. He's still nursing and prefers to sleep with me (which is fine when Ben is gone, but even a King isn't big enough for three of us to sleep good comfortably when Ben is home) He manouvers stairs nicely, but does a better job of going up than coming down. He's got the crawling down great and gets where he's going pretty fast! He still crawls on his right knee and left foot- just like Andrew did. And speaking of feet, the kid has skis! (I wonder where he got those from, ha ha ha) I finally got him a pair of shoes--size 5! His first pair of shoes are a size 5! The rest of him is trying to keep up. He's in the 38% overall, which makes him seem on the small side. I think it's more that he's been about the same size for 3 months. But he's finally over 20 lbs. (20.1 lbs and 27 1/2 inches) Dr Russell isn't concerned and neither am I about his growth, but it's certainly different than we projected with his size at birth! Way to go William. We sure love him and enjoy every day we have him with us.